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Hear from mentors, coaching clients and people whose lives have been impacted by Coach Romainne in her journey to working towards growth and life mastery as she continuously work on herself while serving others.


Angie B.
Wife and Mompreneur

I call Romainne a Super Woman. She is a strong, empowered, confident, authentic woman with a beautiful heart to serve and help others discover and unravel their greatness. When she talks I listen, because I value her insights and wisdom.

Karen Scoggins.jpg

Karen S. 
Certified Growth Mastery Advisor at Growth-U

Romainne is a grounded leader that has a positive impact on everyone she interacts with.  She is certified in the Human Success Operating SystemTM and understands the psychology of growth and change. 

She is a delight to work with!


Chris M.
VP of Business Dev't. at NASP
and Master Trainer at Growth-U 

I've had the opportunity to work with Ro in multiple capacities and each and
every time she has exceeded expectations. She has a beautiful way of helping you see your best self, then empowering you to become it. I've seen her do it time and time again.


Charlieheart D.
Bid Manager in Singapore

I am an over-thinker and a stress achiever. As she said, I remind her of her old self. Romainne encourages me to put a balance and make sure I also spend time taking care of myself.

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