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COACH Romainne

Superhero Whisperer


Romainne Luis is a certified Human Success Operating System Coach by Growth U and Life Coach by Tony Robbins - Madanes Coaching School.

Romainne has spent her life working on herself shaped by her experience working at the United Nations for almost 10 years, an entrepreneur for over a decade, a wife and also a mom to two young kids. Her personal struggles as a woman working in a stressful and competitive New York City environment has made her understand how the expectations and demands on women has grown significant over the years.  Playing different roles and giving her best in all these roles opened her eyes and her heart to women who constantly put others first before their own needs.  

After she spent a weekend on a leadership retreat with Yoli Better Body Company CEO Robby Fender and attended Tony Robbin's Unleash the Power Within event in 2018, she finally realized that all that she needed was within herself. Her search for the next achievement is no longer that important. She just needed to believe in herself and putting others needs no longer fulfilled her stress achieving ways.  Self-love became a priority. Ironically, when one puts herself as a priority and self-care is taken on a regular basis, one has undoubtedly became more valuable in serving others.

Then in 2019, Romainne met Trusum Visions CEO Rod Hairston who also is an elite coach to billionaires and celebrities, she finally embraced her calling as a coach. She trained with Rod and the Growth Masters during the pandemic in 2020 and she became unstoppable. In 2021, she immersed herself in the Self Education Revolution led by Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins while getting certified as a Life Coach by Robbins-Madanes Training Center and the rest is history.

She continues to work on herself daily as inspired by global thought leaders like Oprah, Jim Rohn, John Maxwell, Joel Osteen, Mary Morrisey, Rod Hairston, Prince EA, Napoleon Hill, Lisa Nichols, Dean Graziosi, Tony Robbins and so many others. She hopes that she can help other women struggling to find their inner superhero and see that all they needed is to look within.

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